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Disciplinary Notification Form Click Here (26k PDF)
District 1 Game Protest Pack Click Here (25k PDF)

The District I Disciplinary Committee is responsible for adjudicating game protests and misconduct reports relating to District I administered leagues (e.g., player red/yellow cards, team official dismissal, team spectator misconduct). The Committee also serves as a satellite site for the WSYSA Disciplinary Committee, adjudicating misconduct reports relating to WSYSA administered leagues.

The Committee will also review other reports of misconduct by any member (i.e., player, coach, or person who can be identified as having an affiliation with a team), any of whose actions have not adhered to the letter and Spirit of the Laws of the Game, as well as administrative Rules, Procedures and Guidelines that bind the behavior of the members. These include the Laws, Rules, Procedures and Guidelines of District I, WSYSA, USSF and FIFA. The Committee cannot proceed with any formal action until the Committee has received written documentation from person(s) having first hand knowledge of the alleged misconduct.

The District I Disciplinary Committee meets weekly, as necessary, throughout the soccer season. Meetings are held Thursday evenings (except Thanksgiving) at 7:00 PM at the District I office, located at:

2418 California Street Suite B
Everett, WA 98201
Telephone: 425-252-2099

Persons needing to appear at a Disciplinary Hearing are encouraged to call the District I office to make an appointment, and to verify that the meeting will be held. The Committee consists of the Chairman, appointed by the District I Alternate Commissioner and representatives of each Member Association. The Chairman votes only in the event of a tie.

Penalties for infractions of the rules are in accordance with the WSYSA Disciplinary Penalty Code, Rule 605. Persons who receive red or yellow cards may give their defense by attending the next District I Disciplinary Hearing following the game in which the card was issued. Official determination of action by the Committee will be issued at the hearing. Players/coaches that accumulate three yellow cards/cautions during the league season will be ineligible to compete in the next regularly scheduled league match. The player/coach will sit out one additional game for each additional yellow card/caution received unless that yellow card/caution is canceled by disciplinary action.

If a player receives a red card in a game for which there is no hearing scheduled prior to the next scheduled game and they do not contest the card, the player may sit out the next scheduled game with the referee signing the game roster to that effect. This also applies to coaches that are dismissed, or players/coaches that have accumulated sufficient points per WSYSA or District I league rules requiring an automatic suspension. The signed roster is to be presented to the Committee at the next hearing to obtain credit for sitting out the game. The player may attend the game being sat out in street clothes.

Persons receiving red cards will not be contacted or reminded to appear by District I. It is highly recommended that the player and coach both attend the hearing. The hearing provides an opportunity for the player and coach to hear the Misconduct Report sent to the Committee and respond to the allegations. The Committee will issue the hearing determination after the completion of testimony. If the red card recipient chooses not to appear, that person will receive written notice of the Committee's determination. The decision will be based on the written Misconduct Report provided to the Committee by the referee. Official determination notices will be mailed immediately following the hearing. Suspensions follow the guidelines of WSYSA Rule 605, Disciplinary Penalty Code.

A person may appeal their suspension by sending written notification within 48 hours of receipt of the Determination Letter. All appeals are to be submitted to the WSYSA Office at:

WSYSA Appeals Committee
500 South 336th Street, Suite 100
Federal Way, WA 98003

Requests for appeal must be in accordance with the WSYSA Rule 602 procedures. The appeal must be accompanied with a $50 cashier's check or money order made payable to WSYSA.

Please note that submitting an appeal does not stay the suspension(s) given.

When any amateur or professional player, coach, manager, club official or game official assaults or abuses a referee, the original jurisdiction to adjudicate the matter shall vest immediately with WSYSA. When an allegation of assault is verified by WSYSA, the person is automatically suspended until the hearing on the assault.

A Misconduct Report alleging Referee Assault or Abuse will receive a Hearing Notification letter from the Chairman of the WSYSA Appeals Committee. The WSYSA Office can be reached by phone at (253) 4-SOCCER or e-mail WSYSA@WSYSA.com.

WSYSA District I
Alternate Commissioner


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